So, I have had several MBA’ers over the years who think that the set of online modules IS the actual Travel MBA program. That couldn’t be farther from the truth! Obviously, we want the modules to be helpful and the “core” of the educational program, but the true value in the program is in your engagement and participation in all of your benefits:~ Twice weekly Group Coaching Calls with your mentor~ The “Live Classroom with Lisa” monthly Webinar~ Your 20 minute Nail Your Niche call with Meredith~ The Travel MBA Student Connection Facebook Forum~ Access 24/7 to the Mentor email addressSo, if you sit down and make a quick pass through the modules, it’s now time for the real work to begin. Do you have your Core Compelling Message? Your Business Name and Branding? Have you identified your ideal client and thought through how to find them with your marketing strategies? Have you put procedures in place so that you feel ready to start accepting travel inquiries?The Online Modules are a great benefit of the MBA program, but the majority of the value lies in the mentorship and engagement of the community…so dive in!