Not necessarily! While it seems logical to contact the Westin Excelsior in Rome, for example, directly to book a room for your clients, it isn’t always the best way. And I mean “best” for both you and the client. We have aligned ourselves with several excellent preferred suppliers that allow you to book “land only” or “hotel only” in addition to complete air/land packages…and the rates and commissions are usually in your favor!Here is an example of booking the Westin Excelsior both on the Westin website and with Pleasant Holidays, one of our preferred suppliers:

As you can see, booking the exact same hotel room through the preferred supplier saves the client approximately $220 and earns YOU an additional $110 in commission! A total “win-win”!!So, before you default to booking hotels directly, be sure to check out our preferred suppliers! If you need help determining your best options, feel free to reach out or post in the GTN forum for recommendations! Your client and your wallet will both thank you!