You should definitely try to bundle air, hotel, transfers or car rental and sightseeing activities together into one concise package using one of our preferred Tour Operators! A Tour Operator (sometimes referred to as a “Wholesaler” or “Supplier”) is a company that negotiates reduced/contract rates with many different airlines, hotels, condos, all-inclusive resorts, car rental companies, transfer companies, activity providers, etc. and allows you package the components that you need for your client into a cohesive package with one price for the whole trip.The benefits of using Tour Operators are:~ Ease of use~ You usually save the clients money since bundled rates are usually cheaper~ You get an added layer of service from their customer support if anything goes wrong on the trip~ You commission is usually much higher for the package (can be up to 16% or more) than if you book everything separately (usually 10% or so)So, be sure to familiarize yourselves with our preferred Tour Operators and get booking!