Everything is hardest the first time you do it! I can remember very clearly (because it was not too long ago) that every time I heard the words “landing page”, my entire brain would shut down because I told myself the story that I didn’t understand what it was. But it became necessary to get past it and I did! Now, I only break out in a very light sweat!Let’s face it, you NEED to get that Ezine started. It is truly the most important marketing tool for most of you, as it is the main way you stay in touch with your platform (email list) every single week. The first week you attempt it, it will probably take way too long and you will say to yourself, “I can’t spend this much time on this every single week…”. STOP IT! Every single week you will get faster and soon it will be just another weekly task on your calendar.The Autoresponders all have great tech desks or training videos that can get you started and GIFTE/GTN provides you with tons of resources to help you with article ideas and photo sourcing, so there is really no excuse!So, I’ll leave you with a quote I found (although I’m not sure who to credit):“If you’ve never climbed a mountain before, and you set out to do it for the first time, you’ll be scared to death. The second time you climb, you’ll be excited to see the view from the top and you’ll pick up little nuances about how to climb it better and enjoy the journey more. The 100th time you’ll do it you’ll be bored stiff, and you’ll wish you had a taller mountain to climb.”Get Climbing!