Awesome Question! Both upselling and cross-selling can make a huge difference in your profitability and should be considered with every transaction. Here is my explanation of the two terms and examples of both:

  1. Upselling is when you make a conscious effort to increase the enjoyment of your client by presenting options that may cost a little more but could make a huge difference by upleveling the client’s experience. For example, when you present a quote for an all-inclusive resort in a “Junior Suite – Resort View” category (which falls within the budget they gave you), I would also present the same resort, but possibly a “Junior Suite – Ocean View” room category that may only be $200 or $300 more than the resort view. Your client may jump at the chance up upgrade to that ocean view for such a small increase in price and just imagine how much they will enjoy sitting on their balcony and enjoying that view during their vacation! Plus, your commission just went up a little bit!
  1. Cross-Selling is when you present additional components to the quote that will make the client’s vacation more inclusive. A great example of cross-selling that everyone should ALWAYS include is travel insurance. Another example is offering your cruise clients several shore excursion options from ShoreTrips as well as a pre-cruise night in a hotel near the cruise port to eliminate day-of-embarkation stress. Using these examples, you are adding 3 commissionable services to their cruise so, again, your bottom line is increased and, at the same time, you are providing great service and value to your clients’ experience!
  1. And, because I love to over-deliver, let me tell you about “Out-Selling” (I just made that word up). When you get a booking under deposit for your clients, ALWAYS ask them if they know of any friends or family members who might want to travel with them (Unless, of course, it is a honeymoon or romantic anniversary getaway). In my years of booking travel, I doubled, tripled or even quadrupled my commission by making this suggestion when clients invited friends to join them on Spring Break, or grandparents to join them on Summer family vacations to make true multigenerational travel memories!