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How Your Email Address Could Be undermining Your Business

By: Sandy Saburn, CTIE[/caption]One of the first things people want to do when they start a new business is to come up with the PERFECT business name. They come up with lots of options and ask all their friends and loved ones what they think. It is super important that they pick the name that perfectly represents their new business. After all, they are so excited about working in travel and they want everything to be perfect.Unfortunately, sometimes they inadvertently sabotage it by using a personal email address. So, their business name might be, Sandy’s Amazing Travel Agency, but they use the email is sandystravel@gmail.com (I just made that up, so please don’t email whoever has that address!).The problem with this is that it is incongruent with your brand. It’s like using two different color schemes with your logo. It undermines your brand, and as a result, your professionalism.Bottom line: Using a personal email address for a business screams, “I’m not serious about what I do”.You may not be aware of this, but it is one of the things that a lot of vendor reps take as a sign that you are a hobbyist and not a professional. Branding speaks to your commitment to your business, and a lack of attention to things like your email address says a lot more about you than you might realize.If you have a website, you can have a business email. Your web hosting company can help you get it set up. It’s not complicated and it is pretty inexpensive. If you are using Google and love it, you can still use Google Suite with your own email domain. Check into the options and see what works best for you.Once you pick someone to host your email, you need to pick exactly what you want your email to be. Most people opt for firstname@businessname.com. You could use something like info@ or contact@ but be aware that a lot of vendors won’t email to those addresses so you will need an alternative.Once you have it make sure you use it everywhere. When you send out emails, always use that email address. You are a professional business and you should always put forward a professional business image. Take pride in what you have created!