Just as with the example shared in last week’s article, we are going to use an average booking size of $4,000. That might be smaller or larger than your average booking, but it will give us an example to work from. Over the course of a year if you make 104 bookings (2 per week) with an average size of $4,000, you end up with $416,000 in total sales. That’s a decent sales level, but there is room for improvement. So, how can you increase your booking size? There are several ways and we will look at them in-depth.Offer your clients the very best. When you are working with a client do you offer them the best available option? Are you always offering the upgraded room type, the better cruise category, or even suggesting they upgrade to a more premium product? It’s not only a great way to increase your average sale, it’s a great service to the client. No one really wants to settle on their vacation. But sometimes they aren’t aware of options or realize the perks they come with. Perhaps you have a couple that have cruised with a mass-market line several times, have you suggested they try to move up to a deluxe or premium cruise line? If you have a client who is staying at a resort, did you offer them an upgraded room type? No one is ever offended by offering them the best they can afford. And it’s OK to push their budget a bit. If they say their budget is $6,000 and one of the options is $6,200, tell them about it with an explanation of why it is worth the extra spend. Always start by offering the best option and adjust downward if you have to.Offer third-party insurance on every quote. Third-party insurance is so much more valuable to your clients than the vendor’s insurance, and you will make more money! In many cases the client is only thinking about insurance covering their trip if they need to cancel, but it is your job to educate them that isn’t the only reason to have travel insurance, especially if they are leaving the US because their medical insurance won’t go with them. And third-party insurance from a company like Allianz, Travelex, Travel Guard or Travel Insured will have far better medical coverage than most vendor plans. And if the vendor goes out of business, only third-party insurance will cover them.Include Tours & Excursions in your quotes. Whether your client is going on a cruise or a doing a traditional air/hotel package, chances are they will want some sort of organized tour or activity during their vacation. So, don’t miss this opportunity to help them pick out a great tour with a great company and make money on it in the process. Not only does this increase your sales, your average commission rate should increase because the commission level is typically higher on these products.So, how much of an impact will this have on your bottom line? If you can increase your average booking size from $4,000 to $4,500, you will increase revenue by $52,000. And if you can increase it to $5,000, your revenue will increase by $104,000! That’s a lot of money! And none of it increased your expenses.It literally pays to give some attention to your bottom line! Take a look at your average sale and see what you can do to increase it for 2018!