So, you have been invited or selected to participate on a “Fam Trip” or Educational Experience with one of our preferred vendors? Congratulations! Here are some tips to help you prepare for your opportunity:

  1. Double check the status of your passport, if necessary, and return all completed registration forms promptly.
  2. Be sure to pack professional (yet comfortable) clothing that will be appropriate for the climate and activities. You should consider the dress code to be “business casual” with comfortable shoes (unless told otherwise) because you will typically do a lot of walking. Do NOT show up for site inspections or training sessions in a swimsuit (even with a cover up). Even though the suppliers may provide some free time, you are still on a working trip…not a vacation.
  3. Be sure you have a good supply of business cards packed – for both the suppliers you meet along the way and the other travel advisors whom you travel with. Fam trips are a great place to cultivate relationships within the industry!
  4. Carefully read all information you have received from the host company to make sure you know all the details of your arrival day so you are not causing confusion.
  5. On the trip, BE ON TIME for all events. There is always “the one” in every group who keeps the group waiting...don’t be that “one”.
  6. No whining or complaining! It may be hotter than hades, pouring rain or the resorts may be full of massive staircases. You are there to learn and experience…keep a smile on your face through your sweat and keep moving with a grateful heart.
  7. Do NOT touch anything in the rooms, sit on the beds or take anything from the bathroom counter or minibar (yes, I have seen it done!) during a property site inspection. The room they are showing you is probably already housekeeping-ready for new guests checking in that day!
  8. Do a little research on your itinerary before you leave so you already know a little bit of what to expect and have general knowledge of the area you will be visiting
  9. Watch your alcohol intake, even though it seems there is always a waiter around with another cocktail. It’s fine to have a drink or two, but you want to remain 100% in control at all times.
  10. Be gracious and professionally-friendly to every hotel sales rep or resort employee. Do not post any negative reviews on Trip Advisor if you are unsatisfied with any of your accommodations or services…just don’t ever sell them. It puts your Fam trip host in a very awkward position if you are super vocal about any complaints you might have.