I want to fix a nice document basket or have a gift sent to my client’s hotel room or stateroom. How much is typical to spend for something like this?Certainly, delivering “documents that dazzle” to your clients or having them arrive in their beautiful hotel room facing the Grand Canal in Venice to find a chilled bottle of Prosecco waiting on them with a card from you can go very far in cementing that all-important relationship. Obviously, the amount that you spend will be determined by the commission amount you will be receiving on the booking…So, if the commission is $500 and you are on a 70/30 commission split, you will be receiving $350. I think a general rule of thumb is not to spend more than 10% of your commission on a client gift, so -in this case - $35.~If your clients are local, you can fix up a nice basket when you deliver their documents with some goodies from the location they are visiting or some general travel items. Think a bottle of Italian wine, some Salami and a couple of electrical plug adapters for a trip to Italy. Or a comfy eye mask, some nice lotion and a warm pair of fuzzy socks for a super long flight. Or lots of kid-friendly snacks and activity books to keep the little ones happy on their car ride to Walt Disney World.~If your clients are not local and you have to mail or email their documents, it may be easier to arrange for something to be left in their stateroom or hotel room with a personalized card from you. This can be accomplished by contacting the concierge at a hotel/resort. Most cruise lines have an order form online where travel agents can arrange for client gifts. I’ve even had my on-location private transfer drivers pick my clients up with a chilled bottle of prosecco in the car a few times for tours/transfers in Europe.~Lastly, you can have a nice “welcome home” gift waiting for them upon their return after their vacation. I used to have custom picture frames made that were engraved with “Smith Family Hawaii Trip 2018” or “The Fletcher’s Italian Adventure 2018”. Some agents even order a pizza or arrange to have dinner delivered the day of “re-entry” to make things easier on the parents. If the trip is larger and more lucrative you can even arrange private transfers to/from the airport for your clients.So, whatever you do, use your imagination and don’t go overboard on the expense. It is a fantastic way to impress your clients with your gratitude but try to keep your budget within that 10% of your commission. Everyone wins!