After you have thoroughly qualified the prospect and have a strong idea of what it is that they are desiring for their vacation, I recommend presenting them no more than three options on the first round of quotes.Ideally, you should offer 2 different options (different resorts, different cruise ships/lines, different itineraries etc) and then one UPSELL from the option you like the most. So for example:

  1. For an All-Inclusive Vacation to Riviera Maya for an Anniversary Couple, you could present both the El Dorado Royale and Excellence Playa Mujeres in ocean view suites and then a third quote that upgrades the room to the Excellence “Club” level suite.
  2. For a Caribbean Cruise for a family of 5, you could quote Royal Caribbean and Norwegian in 2 adjoining veranda cabins and then a third option that quotes a suite in the Haven that accommodates all 5 of them.

Often, clients just don’t know how much more it would cost to get that ocean view and when they realize the difference isn’t as much as they thought, you have your upsell!The important thing is to remember the following:A confused buyer never buys! So don’t overwhelm them with too many choices to start with. You can always re-group after you discuss the quotes with the prospect if they are asking for something different, but keep it simple to start with – and remember that the best quotes start with thorough qualifying.