We get a lot of questions from Travel MBA prospects (and new enrollees) wondering if they have to complete their training program before they can start actually servicing clients and selling travel. The answer to that is a most definite “NO”!As soon as you have completed and submitted all your required paperwork and processed payment for the program, you should receive a series of emails from GTN with your login information to the portal, as well as logins to several common preferred supplier booking engines. At that point, you are technically “allowed” to begin making client reservations using GTN credentials.Of course, if you are brand new to the industry, you may not yet have any idea how to go about that! If you happen to get an inquiry for travel services before you feel ready to handle it on your own, reach out to your mentor for support! This is the most valuable benefit in the entire program and we want to make sure that you learn how to navigate the inquiry/qualification/quoting/booking/reporting process the correct way from the very beginning. So, don’t panic…send an email to your mentor and let her hold your hand through the process. We promise it will get easier with every booking that follows!So, relax and realize that whenever that first inquiry comes in – be it one day, one month or even 6 months after you join - you will be not only allowed to service it, but encouraged and supported throughout the entire process! Together, we’ve got this!!