This is one of the absolute BEST questions your prospect can ask! Why? Because it means that they already perceive you as the EXPERT and not just an order taker! If they came to you telling you that they want to go on a specific cruise ship on a specific date in a specific cabin category, what possible value could you add to their trip? You would just get a quote and hope that they couldn’t find the exact same thing somewhere else for $5 less – because they would skip out in a heartbeat to save the money.My response to this question would be something like:“It will be my pleasure to suggest some amazing options for your upcoming vacation, however before I can narrow it down to the perfect suggestions, I need to get some specific information from you. Can we set up a time to chat to discuss this further?”Then, set up an in-person meeting or telephone call to start the planning process.During that planning session, you need to put on your qualifying hat and ask them some thoughtful questions about their dreams for this upcoming vacation, as well as their favorite (and not so favorite) travel experiences they have had in the past. More detailed information on qualifying is in your Travel MBA modules and in the Live Classroom with Lisa recordings in your portal.After a great qualifying session, you can add that value the prospects were asking for and research some perfect suggestions for their upcoming trip…See? You really ARE a travel EXPERT!