Unfortunately, people these days love to think that they can take this information and “shop” you on the internet to see if they can find the same trip somewhere online for $1 cheaper. Don’t make it easy for them. Here are 2 ways to respond. The second is my all-time favorite and is taken from a Facebook post by Ed Jones, a BDM extraordinaire with Trafalgar Tours.

  1. Simply explain that you worked with a very reputable supplier to package all the components together using their private negotiated contracts and that broken-down component pricing is not available. You can ask them WHY they are asking for that information, their answer should be interesting and tell you a lot about their intentions. It’s a great time to re-state your value and all the service they will get by booking their amazing vacation package through you.
  2. Show the client the pic below and ask them: When you order a dish like this in a restaurant, do you ask, How much is the rice? How much are the peas? How much is the salmon? No! Who does that?! What's important here is the dish has all the ingredients you want, it looks amazing, tastes great and the price is right! So eat my friend!