I am writing this answer assuming no Seller of Travel laws prevent you from collecting fees directly from customers, but if you live in California or Florida (or are selling to residents of those states) you will need further clarification.In most cases, you do NOT need to run your service fees through your host. You can collect the funds directly from the client via whatever Merchant Account method you choose for your business. Some of the more common are:

  1. PayPal
  2. Square/Stripe/QuickBooks
  3. A PCI-compliant workflow organizer such as Travel Joy
  4. A personal check (made payable to your business name) if you are willing to accept a check.
  5. Cash

In the case of the first three examples, there will be a small merchant fee deducted from the amount and the remainder deposited to your business checking account usually within 24-48 hours.Keep in mind that this is for service fees only – NOT client travel funds. To be clear, any client travel funds need to be paid directly to the supplier or the host agency (assuming you used your host agency credentials to book the travel). So, if a client wants to pay their final payment for a cruise by check, they need to make the check out to Gifted Travel Network -NOT your agency name or the cruise line. And, you need to allow enough lead time to mail the check to the GTN office and allow for the check to clear so we can process the supplier payment on your client’s behalf prior to the final payment due date.