Great question! Cruise lines, especially the mass market ones, advertise heavily to the general public so it is simple for people to just pick up the phone or go online directly with them. So, how can you add value to the experience in order to get those prospects to book with you? There are several ways:

  1. Share your expertise on the best/worst locations on the ship for their cabin. Preventing clients from being right next to a noisy elevator lobby or directly under the late-night club dance floor could be one of the most important details that they wouldn’t think about on their own…it can make or break a vacation experience!
  2. Keep up with reservation windows for specialty restaurants or entertainment experiences. They may not realize that they need to pre-reserve that evening in the steak house or the seat at the Broadway musical they have been dying to see. Being proactive and reserving early eliminates the chances of being disappointed onboard.
  3. Suggest extras like shore excursions and a pre-cruise night (or nights) in a hotel close to the port to avoid stress on embarkation day. There is nothing worse than having a flight or baggage mishap that causes you to miss the first day of your much-needed vacation. Arriving the day before and taking some time to explore the port city can relieve all kinds of stress. And third-party shore excursions can provide a much more intimate (and creative) introduction to those ports of call. Pre-reserving means no waiting in lines onboard when they could be drinking that umbrella cocktail by the pool.

So, own your value when it comes to those cruise vacations. Those prospects really do need you…It’s just up to you to show them why!