The power of a great elevator speech is very under rated. So much can change when you have a good one and it’s worth the time and effort to get one together. And now, I have a very simple formula you can follow, that will make it super easy.Here is the formula:“I help X, do Y, so that Z.”Now, let’s get into what X, Y and Z are:X = Your target marketYou must be able to identify your target market in less than 6 words. If you can’t do that then work on this! This is one of the steps to claiming your specialty and it’s a good exercise to go through it, because it’s how you will eventually make more money.Here are some examples of good target markets:Professional gay menDog loversBrides over 30Families with children under 12Y = What you doThis one may seem really simple, but there is a deep, powerful question here. That question is, do you value what you do? Are you passionate about it? You must be if you want your marketing message to be magnetic. So really think about what you do. Here’s a great example of a before and after:Before: sell cruisesAfter: plan unforgettable journeysZ = Juicy BenefitsWhat are juicy benefits? Well, let’s just start with what are benefits? So many people get caught in the trap of describing the features of what they do, rather than the benefits. The benefits are the positive outcome of your work. For example, doing research for your client is a feature…saving them time is the benefit.But telling people you save them time isn’t going to get them jumping out of their seats and handing over their credit cards. So, once you identify a few really good benefits of working with you, you must “Juice” them up. In other words, find better wording that will get people’s attention.How do you do that? First, write down a list of benefits clients experience when working with you. They can be very ho-hum and boring. That’s OK. Just get the benefits down on paper.Example:Do extensive researchPersonal experience at many of the propertiesSave timeSave HassleAct as coordinator to the groupThe next step is to go through each benefit in your list and ask yourself 1 of 2 questions:1) What’s the benefit of that? OR2) What do I mean by that?And keep answering this question until you get to a place that’s “juicy.” Keep going until you get to a reply that feels like, “wow, I want some of that.” My advice is to find a partner and do this exercise with a partner.Using the example benefit of “Save Time,” you might get to a response like “all you have to do is show up and let your dream vacation unfold.”Now that’s juicy! That gets my attention and I want to work with someone who will do that for me.Now it’s time to put it together to make your elevator speech:“I help X, do Y, so that Z.”So here’s an example of how this might look:“I help brides over 30 plan the most incredible destination weddings so that they can start their marriage on the best foot possible, turn over the planning to someone else, and just show up and savor every moment of the experience.”Now isn’t that a whole lot better than “I plan destination weddings” ???YOUR ASSIGNMENT:Work through the 3 variables, possibly using a partner and get your elevator speech nailed. The formula is fool proof if you’ve done the work in getting the right language for X, Y and Z. If you want more direction and help on crafting your core compelling message, or building your brand, or marketing your business, then check out Gifted Travel Network’s TravelMBA Program.