We get this question all the time and, as always, the answer begins with “IT DEPENDS!” This time, it depends on the policies of each individual travel supplier/vendor. It isn’t a cut-and-dried GTN policy, but we do require that you comply with the supplier policy. Some vendors will have restrictions based on:

  1. Currency conversions (some require that everything is paid in USD)
  2. Credit Card address (some require a US billing address on cards)
  3. Place of residency (some require a US address for residence and for mailing docs)

Also, understand that if the client is a citizen of a foreign country, and traveling with that country’s passport, there may be visa requirements for entry into the destination that you will need to research and advise the client about.And, you can not sell a travel insurance policy to a non-US citizen using our preferred insurance providers.And, always be aware of the scam artists out there who will send random emails asking for international airline tickets just “out of the blue”. 99.9% of these are total scams, so don’t get excited that you have a request…feel free to run those by me if you are ever wondering.