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About Those Silver Bullets

By: Sandy Saburn, CTIE[/caption]At last week’s Book More Travel Workshop there was one term I heard several times from speakers and it came with a warning: Silver Bullet.What exactly is a silver bullet and why would it require a warning? I found this definition online: a simple and seemingly magical solution to a complicated problem. That sounds about right.So, what’s the deal with silver bullets and why was everyone talking about them? It’s simple. People are often looking for them, yet they don’t exist. Not only do they not exist, but spending time looking for them distracts you from the work you could be doing that will actually benefit your business.Travel advisors – like professionals in probably every career field – frequently look for silver bullets. They want to find that “one thing” that will bring them the clients they want, make more money, or have more success in whatever way they define it.This belief that silver bullets are out there leads them to try many different techniques and when they don’t work right away they abandon them and move on to something else. They purchase various services and training programs – often with limited or no success. They may get a little bump from one thing or another, but nothing approaching the kind of success they want.Why?Silver bullets don’t exist. Really, they don’t.There is no magic formula that will solve every problem. No one thing will fix every issue.Yet people keep looking for them. What this results in is wasted money, increased frustration, and delayed success.Are there things that work? Absolutely! But there is no one “thing” that fixes every issue a travel advisor has.We have all been guilty of looking for an ideal answer. Watch infomercials and you will soon believe that that one “thing” they are selling will change your life. Meal time will be easier, you’ll lose weight, have more beautiful hair or skin, or some other significant change will happen if you just get out your credit card and buy NOW.When it comes to your travel business, there isn’t a silver bullet. There are lots of proven paths to success, but no one thing that cures all ills. When you stop looking for a silver bullet and start looking for proven paths to success, you’ll make a quantum leap forward toward success. That success doesn’t happen instantly, but you’ll make steady forward progress!