Great question! Unfortunately, one of the weakest tools in most travel professionals’ tool belts is List-Building (or bringing in new leads into your sales funnel). So, it sounds fabulous when you hear about lead generation programs in some of the host agency models. But, be careful what you wish for! Here are a few reasons why…

  1. Most leads are simply “tire kickers” or shoppers who are pitting several sources against each other trying to find the cheapest option. Not exactly your ideal client!
  2. Typically, even if you are able to “close” a lead and convert them to a sale, that customer belongs to the host agency forever…not to you. So,if you ever leave that host, you will be unable to market to that lead yourself. That kind of removes the benefit of having happy customers who return to you and refer you to their friends! You are more transactional when you should be concentrating on building a sustaining business with loyal clients.
  3. Usually, host agencies keep the majority of commission from any sale that came from a lead – sometimes as much as 40/60 or even 30/70 (YOU are the smaller number here, people!) So, you have to book a lot more business to make any real profit…More transactional work for little return.

So, my question back to you is…Why not learn how to generate your own leads? Sure, you end up having to spend a good bit of time on setting up your marketing foundations and systems, but those leads are 100% YOURS and you can build sustainable relationships with them to ensure raving fans and tons of referrals! You are a business owner and entrepreneur – not just a travel booker. So, take responsibility for your own marketing and truly own your assets! Your Travel MBA program covers these topics in detail – both in your static online modules and dynamic live calls and webinars, so forget those lead programs and let’s get started!