1. When you drop your child off at college for the first time, you can’t believe that you can’t get them upgraded to a suite from the little dingy dorm room they’ve been assigned.
  3. Last Thanksgiving, you planned a day of activities for all the children in attendance so they would go home more enlightened and enriched than when they arrived for their holiday visit.
  5. You can’t believe there is no loyalty VIP seating at your child’s soccer practice for those parents who attend most frequently.
  7. You join a book club and the first assignment is to read “Pride & Prejudice”. By the end of the first club meeting, you’ve organized a luxury group “pilgrimage tour” for everyone in the room to visit the top Jane Austen-related sites in the UK.
  9. When your friends decide to go on a “girlfriends’ getaway”, you insist on giving a PowerPoint presentation with detailed charts that prove it’s worth staying at the five star resort that provides $200 worth of daily amenities, including breakfast, parking, upgrades and transfers, rather than the $199 per night three star hotel one of the gals saw advertised online.
  11. When you have overnight visitors to your home, you stock the guest room with a welcome bottle of wine, chocolates on the pillow and a certificate for a discount from the spa down the street.
  13. You are “that friend” whom all others call for help when planning their next vacations. Everyone knows that you are very well-traveled and have a passion for researching destinations and delivering amazing experiences for your own family. Now…wouldn’t it be nice to actually get paid for that skill?

This was adapted from the Editor’s Letter of Luxury Travel Advisor Magazine, Nov 2017 issue. RuthAnne Terrero, CTC Vice President/Editorial Director